Topics that MATTER to young people

The disconnect between what churches regularly teach and what young people want to talk about

Youthscape recently released a report called ‘Losing heart’ – research into church provision of youth work. As part of the research, they looked at how regularly churches teach a range of important topics. They also looked at this same set of topics and asked young people how interested they would be in discussing them.

We decided to bring these two sets of data together to see how they fared against each other. The results might surprise you.

We used blue for topics with higher percentages of youth interest and orange for higher percentages of church teaching regularity. Greys – well, these were more or less the same in popularity between the two.

Topics that matter, Youthsmarts

So, what does this mean for youth ministry? Should we change our focus on what we teach to suit our young people? Does youth interest hold greater weight than what youth leaders want to prioritise? Perhaps some middle ground between the two to maximise engagement and not compromise on the message.

We asked our own young people about the topics that matter to them. Find out what they said in our post, You asked for it: tackling the BIG questions.

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