Parents passing on faith or ‘passing’ on faith?

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Back in 2016, ComRes conducted an online survey with 1,013 participants across England, Scotland and Wales to find out more about how parents are engaging with their kids about their faith. We thought to ourselves, ‘This gives us a great opportunity to map some data across some UK nations’! And so we did.

It turns out that the picture across Great Britain varies a bit when talking about being more intentional about discussing faith with kids – with the purpose of passing on faith.

Overall, in England, Scotland and Wales, four in 10 parents said that they had already had conversations with their kids about God or a higher power.

Great Britain. Passing on faith to children (2016)

This differed somewhat between the three nations, with the majority of Welsh parents saying that they had held these conversations. Check out the infographic map below.

England, Scotland and Wales. Passing on faith (2016)

Only a third of Scottish parents said that these conversations had happened. At this point it would be worth pointing out that the sample sizes for Scotland and Wales were much smaller than for England. Still, we wonder whether the 1904 Welsh revival still has some sort of legacy which has been passed down the generations.

Data by region

The data is also available split up by region. So, we data-vizzed that too!

Notice that a small proportion in each area weren’t sure whether these conversations about God or a higher power had taken place. Perhaps they had forgotten.

Is passing on faith even important?

Whether it’s important or not to talk about faith at home and pass on your faith to your kids is a personal choice. Some might feel that doing this in such an intentional way with the agenda of passing on faith is too much. They might literally ‘pass’ on passing on faith. It is important for children to have the freedom to choose for themselves and have ownership of their own beliefs. At the same time, and from a Christian point of view, we can’t help but be reminded of Deuteronomy 6:6-7.

Passing on faith complete infographic

Passing on faith (2016)

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