Young people are on devices passed bedtime

Too much screen time?

We plotted two sets of data from the School Health Research Network survey 2017/18. The first looked at the percentage of children who said that their usual bedtime was after 11pm. The second asked about whether the pupils last looked at a screen after 11pm. You might assume that the percentage of those looking at a screen after 11pm would be less than the percentage who said their bedtime was after 11pm. In fact, the reverse was true in all year groups – 7 through 11.

Perhaps ‘bedtime’ is being interpreted in very different ways by parents and their young people. Or, perhaps young people aren’t going to bed when they are meant to be.

If you’re interested in seeing more infographics on screen time and young people, why not take a look at Best Face Forward – an infographic about young people and social media.

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