13 reasons for teen counselling

The surprising reasons behind the counselling of young people in Wales

You can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family. Family life is often complicated but did you know that In 2017/18 the biggest reason given for teen counselling in Wales was family issues? Is this surprising? Maybe not given how complex family relationships are, but it’s also heart-breaking that the family unit is often cited as cause of angst rather than comfort for around a third of those being counselled.

We created this bubble chart / bubble diagram infographic from Welsh Government data to explore some of the biggest reasons for counselling. Young people could have up to three reasons given for their counselling; acknowledging that life situations are complex and not always clear cut.

Teen counselling in Wales, data from Welsh Government
Bubble chart of teen counselling in Wales

Would having this sort of information in your area change the way you do youth ministry?

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