UK-based, data hungry and just gluttons for stories.

A little bit about us.

Youth Smarts is all about encouraging smarter working in youth ministry. We are volunteer youth leaders, passionate about young people and learning on the job.

We figure that the more we can understand about today’s youth culture, the better we can serve our young people. As well as talking to our young people locally, we also look for relevant, available data on children and young people and see what we can learn from it. The trouble is, that there’s so much data out there that we we often miss it. Or glaze over. So we like to have a think about how we can make it more easily digestible. Data has a lot of soul – it’s just often misunderstood. You may even say that datasets are stories in disguise!

We have creative backgrounds, and try and use those skills to make some of the data we find more visible and…vibey! 

Hopefully you find what we do useful and we can all get smarter together.